Tripwire Enterprise Console 8.8.1 & TE Axon Agent

Tripwire Enterprise Console 8.8.1 & TE Axon Agent

Tripwire is pleased to announce this new release of Tripwire® Enterprise.  

This release includes new capabilities for monitoring dynamic assets, like virtualized servers running in AWS, Azure, and Google Cloud.  For Industrial and Commercial users monitoring Windows and Linux assets with the Tripwire Data Collector file system integration, we’ve dramatically improved the time it takes to scan systems agentlessly using TE Critical Change Audit and Policy Rules.

The new release of the Axon agent adds additional platform support including RHEL 8 as well as a number of bug fixes.  Please note that this release of the Axon agent is compatible with any version of the TE Console 8.8.0 or later.


Automated Axon File System Onboarding
TE 8.8.1 enables automatic onboarding of TE Axon Agent File System Nodes. File System assets with the TE Axon Agent can be scanned by TE during registration to get immediate baselines for Change Audit or Policy Rules which are scheduled to run against the Smart Node Groups assigned to the new Node. This can be particularly useful for virtual assets that quickly appear in and disappear from your environment. Using Agent side tagging files, you can choose which assets will have this immediate scan run, and which will be scanned at regular scheduled intervals. For more information, please refer to the TE 8.8.1 Install and Maintenance Guide, and the TE 8.8.1 User Guide available on the TCC.

Tripwire Data Collector File System Scan Time Improvements
The TE 8.8.1 release also enhances the available Tripwire Data Collector agentless File System monitoring feature. This requires both TE 8.8.1, and the latest TDC 5.17.12, available from the TCC. The setup for this integration is described in the “Tripwire Data Collector Setup Guide” document, also available from the Tripwire Enterprise section of the TCC. The fastest, most thorough method for monitoring a File System in TE is still to use an Agent. For systems that cannot have an agent installed, the scan times for the TDC File System integration have been dramatically improved, completing Critical Change Audit and Policy scans in minutes per Node.

TE Console Changes
The TE 8.8.1 release includes the following fixes:

  • Resolved an issue where TE failed to log rule run errors on custom nodes after an initial connection error.
  • Resolved an error in Asset View related to the count of Untagged assets.
  • Resolved an issue where By-Reference Attributes Conditional Actions were not displaying attributes.
  • Changed the default value for new Baseline Rule Tasks and manual baselines run from the Node Manager from "New elements only" to "All elements". Existing tasks are not affected. To revert to the previous default, edit the TE Console's file to change the tw.baseline.defaultType value from ALL back to NEW_ONLY.

TE Axon Agent Changes
The TE Axon release includes the following fixes and security enhancements:
  • Resolved a bug that could result in task timeouts and stray twfim processes not ending properly.
  • Resolved an issue with Windows 2008 R2 Agents producing errors on Critical Change Audit registry rule checks.
  • Resolved a bug that caused the twfim plugin to crash during shut down.
  • Resolved a bug that could cause some plugins (twfim, twdsi, twrsop) to run larger scans than necessary.
  • Improved logging for twexec and twfile plugins.
  • Added Tripwire Axon Agent platform support
    • Debian 9.9 (x86_64)
    • Debian 10 (x86_64)
    • RHEL 7.7 (x86_64)
    • RHEL 8.0 (x86_64)